Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Okay, I'm repenting.

I refuse to take my posts off of my own blog. I guess if people don't like what I write, it will keep them off of my blog. Ha ha!

I am sitting in my office shuffling paper around trying to look busy when I hit myself on the head.

I need to repent. I need to show gratitude for what I DO HAVE and not what I don't have.

I was reading some blogs earlier. Thanks LJ. Thanks Em, and Thanks Em's friend Stephanie. Time to reflect on THINGS. Deep down the message I got from these ladies is...Grateful. Love. Goodness. Sadness.

Trying to find the gratefullness in everyday boring life is hard. It gets mundane. You know me, I like a list. A list of things to do. A list of stuff to keep my mind from wondering all over MALONEY. I hate thinking. I hate the things I think about. I have NO control of what my mind wonders on and I hate it. If I keep a list, then I can focus.

When I'm bored I eat. Nothing else to do, ugh.

Back to my thoughts on while I was sitting at my desk. I need to write down the things I'm grateful for on February 6 and 7.

Here goes.
1. I am grateful for Justice getting out of bed and hugging me first.
2. I am grateful for Shai hugging me second.
3. I am grateful for the surprised...OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY (forgot to give you a card) Greeting at Just for Ladies.
4. I am grateful for the Lodge and for a great breakfast. Eggs, Hashbrowns, whole wheat toast, and bacon (which Karrea ate).
5. I am grateful for my job. The children telling me happy birthday and giving me hugs.
6. I am grateful for the desktop Crazy got me for my laptop computer. It will keep it from getting over heated and it has a light.
7. I am grateful for the cards I received in the mail. Eileen, Liz, and Anne, Thank you (oh and RS on sunday handed me a card)
8. I am grateful for the Strawberry Shortcake Crazy got me and the kids.
9. I am grateful for the spirit that God gave me to be grateful that day. Heaven knows last year was a big stink bomb.
10. I am grateful for a phone call from my step mom. She really made my day and suggested I go to Mall Cop.
11. I am grateful for Subway and supper time.
12. I am grateful for the Movie Mall Cop whom reminded me of my brother Roger (which is in our prayers), and made me laugh all night! I was NOT disappointed.
13. I am grateful for Adrienne FINALLY giving me a present...An Ipod.
14. I am grateful for Shai and Jd's presents....my favorite candy bar...Mint 3 Musketeers, and the new Jenny Phillips CD (thank you ann snider), and love letters.
15. I am grateful for the Trip to the temple on Saturday with my special friend Rhonda and her Dh and Crazy. It was fun. sorry we were sardines. Better planning next time.
16. I am grateful for seeing my friend Audrey on her wedding day at the Temple. I worried about her! She was/Is so beautiful. I didn't realize it was the day...I just saw her going in. I wished I would have stayed! whaaaaaa
17. I am grateful that Rhonda bought lunch at my favorite Restaurant..OLIVE GARDEN. I am happy and content just with the soup and salad. (I still can't weigh in. I was even good! ha ha)
18. I am grateful that God loves me and I had over 140 messages on Facebook and email groups wishing me a Happy 41st. I really did feel loved!

The trick of getting older is the Trick of getting Wiser. I pray for wisdom. I pray for the gift of being grateful!

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Rhonda said...

You are too silly. I had a great time saturday, also. We were not sardines. It was perfect.