Thursday, August 23, 2012

I have to tell you that life sure does throw you curve balls that hit you right in the guts!!!  My first reaction with the gut buster is to crawl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb.  (Yes, I have done this a couple of times during my adult life).
This last gut buster was exhausting and I could feel that "despair" come on and I just fell to my knees and said God PLEASE SPEAK TO ME.  You know my personality, you know why Satan is doing this, so please, I'm asking for your wisdom.  What should I do?
I crawled into bed with tears streaming down my face.  I turned the old Iphone to the Lds scriptures.  I said to Ron, what I said in my prayers and he showed me a scripture.  Oddly enough I was on the same verse in my reading.  I read the chapter 4 times but couldn't quite get what the Lord would be telling me.  It was about Mosiah telling the people they really didn't want a KING and the disadvantages of that tradition.
I didn't settle for that.  I said OKAY GOD, I'll get my paper scriptures out.  I have a military Book Of Mormon that is on the bed stand.  I took the gum wrapper out of it,  Pressed it together tightly to keep that particular page from opening, KWIM?  and Said.....Please talk to me God.  
The scripture opened to Alma Chapter 17.  Be of Good Comfort.  
I slept very soundly that night (after I finally fell asleep) and for that I'm grateful.  Have I told you lately that God is Good?  Well, He is.  God Speaks, Do You Listen?  If you feel like God doesn't hear you?  then you are not listening.  He answers our prayers in several ways 1.  Scripture reading.  2.  In your heart  3.  Audible in your ear as if he were standing right there.  4.  Pictures in your mind  5.  By a true friend  6.  an impression to read an article, and so on.  Be aware of those things that God shares with you, and he will continue to share with you.  If you ignore him, he will not bless you with his time.  Parents know what I'm talking about.  
Have a blessed Friday!!

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