Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

     Since our time was going to be spent with my family on Christmas day, and stores are not open, and we don't shop on Sunday, we decided it would be fun to treat Christmas Eve Day like Christmas day at the Matson home.  The Saturday before is when I wrapped all of the presents I had gotten for the family and daycare.  I wasn't going to spend money on the kids, but Walgreen was have a buy one get one free sale and I just couldn't resist their cute variety (and loud) of toys.
     I got Maddy and Tessa matching babies.  I got Kaleb a high powered and very noisy gun.  :D  I got Kole a noisy steering wheel, with all the lights and sounds.  I got a phone that was for babies, but Anthony had his eye it, and so I gave it to him, and his sister Stephie I gave her some make-up.  I got a Pizza hut gift card from Sonya, Zach, and Kole.  I also gave Matt a break on daycare....half price.  It was an accident, but how do I tell them. Oh by the way, you owe me 33.75 each day.  I know the Lord will bless all of us, so I just left it.
     We opened our White elephant gifts to each other first.  We have a great time doing that.  Wait, I think the kids opened up their stockings stuff first.  We told them there wouldn't be much in there.  We bought some mini candy bars and Walgreen's had .30 skittles and snickers.  I think we spent 10.00 on the stocking stuffer.  I think they had fun. 
     We enjoyed all that we received.  Ron put some money in the kids 12 pack of soda.  I played the hot and cold game with the kids cards.  I hid them.  I woke up out of bed at 6:00 freaking out.  Ron, Ron, We forgot to get the stockings ready.  We rushed around trying not to make too much noise.  Got everything set up, I hid the cards, and then we went back to bed.  We asked the kids not to get us up until 9:00.  Now that they are older, there is NO fighting it.  Karrea is a late bloomer, she sleeps in like Shai does.  We are lucky if Shai gets out of bed before noon when there is no school.
      I felt really spoiled, blessed, satisfied, its hard to know what word to use.  I received a fancy crock pot.  You get to set the time, and temperature, and the lid locks on.  I also received a NINJA.  Its a food processor that goes on top of two different containers.  (note to self.  only do one batch at a time of Oreo truffles.  smoke was coming out of the top of the NINJA.....OOOPS).  I needed a big furry blanket.  I got  it.  Its like sleeping with a bear that doesn't snore.  We have a down comforter, but for some reason I can't sleep under it.  My hips get to hot and they start to ache.  I had been using two blankets one for the top, one for the bottom, they were clearance blankets you can put in the car.  It was nice not to have to rearrange in the middle of the night.  The Big surprise is the watch and bracelet set he got me.  I have bad luck with watches.  I have been forgetting I even have one.  He'll ask me.......HEY SHANON WHAT TIME IT IS?  Um...I D K
     I got Ron some new G's.  I bought him some movies, buy one get one free.  I also got him an I-tunes card so he can put songs on his Ipod.  Nothing like wearing WHITE instead of gray.  Haha.  I'm not sure what the kids have spent their money on.  Karrea got a few toys for her doll house.  There were the twin babies from Walgreen's along with some barbie/clothes.  She got some Little Pet shop pals, and a barbie that teaches dogs how to swim.  She loved it all.  It was so fun to see her get so excited.  Justice and Shai were surprised at some of their gifts too.  Like the White Elephant, Justice got dad's dremel tool.  Shai got some scrap booking Teen paper and book, etc. 
     We had a wonderful time in the morning.  We all got dressed and got ready to shop.  WE picked up some burger king for lunch.  We are hooked on Buck Doubles and salads.  We went to several stores and just looked around.  The hustle and bustle was okay, because there was no real pressure.  I had asked the kids to really ponder on where they wanted to spend their money.  It really is a rare commodities these days.  We picked up some Sonic drinks around Happy Hour.  Shopped some more.  It was getting supper time and I went to Domino's and ordered some pizza.  Little Caesars was closed.  I thought the sign said 2 for 5.99  so I ordered 4 pizza's.  UM....if you order at least 2 you can get them for 5.99 a piece.  DANG IT.  I spent way too much money on pizza.  To be quite honest......it wasn't worth it.  The pizza was raw.  I don't like raw cheese.  its, its, its just yucky.  The olives were poison tasting.  I wasn't a real hit that night in the supper department.  It will be another 20 years before I go there again.  ( I worked there in 1989). 
      We got home late.  Started making stuff for Christmas day.  I think we got to bed around 1:00.  Thursday night Justice and I made Oreo balls (because he talked dad into buying me that NINJA).  We had a blast.  I made sugar cookie dough.  We made chocolate covered raw almonds with the left over white and chocolate almond bark.  Shai made puppy chow.  We sent Karrea to bed.  I reflect on this time with much love and gratitude in my soul.  Kole was even a good boy.  He is doing a lot better.  I think the kids are even praying that he has a good day.  We just want him to be happy.  That is all we ever want.


Elaine Edwards said...

I don't know how I stopped "following" your blog. I had to go back to the beginning of November and catch up! Now that I'm up to speed...Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elaine Edwards said...

Merry Christmas! hahaha! Blog!