Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm four, I'm four, I'm forty three years old today!

     February 6, 1968 I was blessed come into this world.  According to my "birth mother" I was stubborn, she was in labor for about 3 days.  Do you know how cold and dreary the world is?  Do you know why I stayed in as long as I could?  I knew I would have a rough go of it this place we call the dark and dreary world.
     This weekend was my birthday weekend.  Saturday I went with Ron to clean the retirement home, Kensington in Hastings.  I like being there.  I like helping.  After work we shopped at the dollar store and then he took me to breakfast, lunch, supper at Country Pride.  I order my usual chopped steak, baked potato, and steamed veggies.  Soup and salad.  YUM.  I didn't reorder.  I am trying to get my weight down to where I can be a receptionist for Weight watchers.  I have 5 pounds to go.  Whew.  Its been NINE YEARS.  I have wanted to work for WW for NINE YEARS.  Wow.  Talk about stubborn.
     After Country Pride we went to Kearney.  I had to pay some of my Cato's card and while I was there I looked through clearance.  That place is so addicting to me.  I got a blouse for 5.99 and a cute black skirt for 9.99.  Ron offered to buy that for me for my birthday.  That was nice of him.  Shai kept bugging me about when we were going to get home so I told her we were on our way.  When we drove up and parked you could hear the kids running in the house and then all the lights disappeared.  I heard my favorite MANLY MAN playing on the Bose.  David Archuletta!   awwwww! (next year it will be my album from John Wayne Shulz haha)
     SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  they all jumped out  and surprised me (not!)  They had a birthday banner and cheese cake bites and cupcakes and presents and cards! IT WAS SO SWEET!  (I started my fast after country pride so I saved some goodies for Sunday).  The cards were sweet!  I got two webkins.  One is a cocker spaniel and one is a Koala Bear.  Shai made me a couple of bracelets, and a paper weight that is so cute!  its a wooden block and she embossed it!  LOVE IT ALL.  I got lots of hugs and kisses.
     Sunday I got a text from Adrienne bright and early in the morning,.  Luckily I was up and ready to go.  We had decided to attend my mom's ward in Grand Island and it started at 9:00, so we were up at 7:00 and leaving by 8.  Karrea started throwing up Friday at 1:00 am, and felt better Saturday.  Sunday 2:30 AM I got a tap on my shoulder and had a few messes to clean up.  I get so annoyed.  At least she didn't throw up on her brother on the bottom bunk this time.  She was on the couch.  Justice was thankful for that!
     Justice opted to  stay home with her, he had a stomach ache.  I think it was because he didn't start his fast like he should of and was eating chili late at night.  Sure sign for a disaster.  It was all good.  We got on the road a little late.  I'm glad mom saved us a spot there was standing room only.  NOT.  There weren't very many people there.  It was quite sad.  There was a sweet spirit in the testimonies  though.  Isn't that what truly matters?
     After church I got lots of hugs from dear friends that have seen me grow up and become a wife, mother, and now a grandma.  Sunday school was nice and RS was even nicer.  Mom bore her testimony.  Could I ask for a better birthday present?
     We got home and had homemade lasagna for lunch.  Lyle made a great salad with tomatoes, broccoli, black olives, and lettuce.  I made garlic bread.  And for dessert I made angel food strawberry shortcake.  Usually Ron buys all the stuff but I did this year.  I wasn't going to wait around for him.  I get tired of doing that! 
     The phone rang and it was Christopher.  He apologized for not getting my birthday card off.  I told him to just add interest.  He laughed and told me that my birthday present is a plane ticket to come out when the baby is going to be born.  I didn't know they wanted me there.  He said he would have Adrienne call me when she got up from her nap.  I told him I wouldn't be able to come out, who would watch the kids.  My mom got mad and said figure out a way, this is your grand baby!  DANG......Who knew she could be so feisty!?  ME!  haha
     I opened up my cards from Roger and Mom and dad!  Thank you guys!  We were supposed to have a clown entertain us, but he was dead in the street!  Dang it, and I didn't feel like having dancing monkeys so we just sat around and talked and laughed.  It was the bestest Birthday!  I got a call from Adrienne.  She asked if I would come out to PA and help her with the baby.  Maybe stay about 2 weeks or so.  MY JAW DROPPED!  She needs me?  She needs me?  SHE NEEDS ME!!!!!  How awesome is that.  She told me that the ladies in RS were asking if I was going to be able to be out there for the baby to help her and she told them I probably wouldn't be able to afford it, and time off, etc.  I guess that made her sad.  She said she cried after church.  I guess Chris promised that he would get me there somehow.  Because he loves Adrienne, and this is what Adrienne wants he will move hell or high water to get what she wants.  I LOVE THAT.  He may be a pain sometimes but he loves my little princess! 
     I guess they are going to be moving March 1st.  That was one of the things I said when they first moved out there.  I still have hurt feelings by the way his family treated our family while here at the wedding.  AM I OFFENDED?  no.  but I do have hurt feelings.  Can I be respectful to them?  Yes, I always have been.  Are they respectful to me?  No. but that is their problem.  Doesn't mean I have to be around them 24/7.  Can I be in the same room with them?  Sure, I'm a big girl!  I loved the time we spent there in Grand Junction.  I don't believe they had to be totally disrespectful to us.  NUFF SAID.
     That was a great birthday gift given to me too.  I'm hoping to go to PA maybe the 7th of April and coming back around the 18 or later.  I'll know more details the closer she gets to being due.  She says its hard to breath.  I KNOW THAT ONE.  I sure love to hear that she is changing and that maybe I wasn't such a bad mommy after all!  I really try to live my life so that the spirit can change me, and help me teach my children.  I feel God is a real gift giver in that department.  I love each of my children and if I could give more I would.  But God has told me I'm poor for a reason!  haha!  He sees the sacrifices I make for them.  They are good citizens, and they work for all that they have!  I LOVE THAT!  What a great blessing!
     If turning one year old is good like this........I welcome the birthdays! 
     I'm four, I'm four, I'm forty three today!  (2-6-68)

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Elaine Edwards said...

Happy Birthday my friend.Oh I'm so sorry that I didn't know! Lunch is on me next time we're together. I am so excited that you get to go out and help Adrienne with the baby. That made me so happy when I read that. Oh, It's about time! xoxoxo